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Mars Snooper


Number 1220
K-Num K-20
Type Exotic
Recovery Parachute
Designer Gene Street
Years Available 1965 - 1974
JimZ Plans Instructions
Ye Old Rocket Plans Not Available
Shasta Plans Not Available

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Parts List
Item Quan Original
Part No.
Part No.
Description Add to Cart Notes
A 1 BF-20A FES-K20 Balsa Fin Set Back
Laser-cut replacement
B 1 BF-20B * Balsa Fin Set Laser-cut replacement
C 1 BT-20D BT-20D Body Tube

D 1 BT-20J BT-20J Body Tube

E 1 BT-50H BT-50H Body Tube

F 3 BNC-5V BNC-5V Nose Cone Back
G 3 BNC-5W BNC-5W Nose Cone Back
H 1 BNC-20N BNC-20N Nose Cone

I 1 TA-2050 TA-2050 Balsa Adapter Back
J 1 JT-50C JT-50C Stage Coupler

K 1 RA-2050 RA-2050 Ring Adapters Back
L 1 RA-2060 RA-2060 Ring Adapters Back
M 2 SE-2 SE-2 Screw Eye

N 1 SC-1 EC-118 18" Shock Cord

O 1 LL-2C LL-2C Launch Lug

P 1 SLT-1C * 108" Shroud Line
Q 1 NCW-1 NCW-1 Nose Cone Weight Back
R 1 EB-20A EB-20A Engine Block

S 3 BT-5T BT-5T Pod Tubes

T 1 TD-2G * Tape Discs
U 1 PK-18A CP-18Y Chute Pack 18"

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