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your key to the Space Age! Whether you are just getting into the hobby or have been in it all your life, Semroc offers something for everyone.

Thousands of model rocket enthusiasts have flown kits and engines from Semroc since 1968. We look forward to flying with you.


Five new kits are available for the Summer! The Egg Crate™ is a recreation of the early version of the Centuri Classic. It features a large egg capsule and two interchangeable engine mounts. Fly with a single 24mm engine or dual 18mm engines.

The Retro-Repro™ Satellite Killer™ is a recreation of the popular Centuri kit released in 1980 as the War in Space™ protagonist. The Retro-Repro™ Red-Eye™ is a recreation of its enemy satellite. Both models are available again. New wraps are released for the Red-Eye to add more fodder for the Satellite Killer. For a limited time we will provide a free extra wrap with each Red-Eye. See here for more information. During NARAM-55, we will ship a free Red-Eye with each order of at least $40.00!

Two new Groonies are avaialble. The Yung'un's Nuke™ is inspired by a gift that a leader of a country might want to give his son so he is special in the world. The Snake Jumper™ was a concept for if Mad Magazine jumped a popular canyon.

Three new kits are available for the Spring flying season! The Centurion-F™ is an upscale of the popular Centuri Classic re-engineered to accept the the latest 29mm Estes Black Powder engines! While waiting for general availability, it includes a 24mm to 29mm adapter to allow it to fly with the older 24mm engines.

The Retro-Repro™ Starship Excalibur™ is a recreation of the Estes Kit Plan #55 from the 60's. Although a kit was produced based on those plans, this model is closer to the original design. Parts have been purchased for years to build the model, so we decided to release to make it easier!

The Maxi-Micron™ is an upscale of the classic Centuri beginner's kit. It is a great demo rocket when slower liftoffs will impress new crowds.

The Booster-18™ is used to convert the single stage Maxi-Micron to a two stage. It uses standard 18mm booster engines. It will work with other ST-18 based kits in the future.

Three new kits are available for Christmas! The Deci-Scale™ Nike-Tomahawk™ is the latest in Semroc's 1/10 scale series. Over three feet tall, the Nike-Tomahawk is the largest Deci-Scale kit so far.

The 1/20 scale MX-774™ is based on "America's V-2". Over 19" tall, the MX-774 is a great beginner's scale model.

The Der V-1.5™ is a half scale model of the old Estes V-3. Great for beginners, it captures the flavor of its big brother. 

Semroc has released four new kits for NARAM-54. The Retro-Repro™ Starlight™ is based on the classic design by Bill See from 1967 that became an instant classic. It has been one of the most requested early designs.

The Retro-Repro™ Midget™ was designed by Bill Simon in 1968 when he was Vice President of Estes. It was specially designed for the new Series III “Shorty” engines as a small high performance two-stage kit.

The Retro-Repro™ Omega™ is based on the desing by Mike Dorffler of his launch vehicle for his world famous Cineroc, the first commercially available 8mm camera designed for a model rocket. Featuring slotted tubes and a simulated Cineroc payload section, this is an ideal kit for your video camera.

The Retro-Repro™ U.S.S. America™ is a recreation of the Centuri Super-Kit released in 1975. Using a 24mm engine mount, much higher performance is now offered. Laser-cut fins and rings make assemly a snap. A full page of waterslide decals makes the model look just like the early model.

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"Come Fly With Us."
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