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your key to the Space Age! Whether you are just getting into the hobby or have been in it all your life, Semroc offers something for everyone.

Thousands of model rocket enthusiasts have flown kits and engines from Semroc since 1968. We look forward to flying with you.


Semroc has been sold and moved to Dayton, Ohio. Randy Boadway long time rocketeer and owner of eRockets will also be taking on Semroc. We plan on operating both eRockets and Semroc as two separate entities and share basic resources.

Semroc will continue to produce some of the best quality flying model rocket kits in the world.

February 2015 has been an exciting month for Semroc. The 8 containers of products, parts, shelving and equipment was moved from North Carolina to Dayton, Ohio. At this point we are moving everything into the existing eRockets building. It is a tight fit but we have everything inside the building now. We are in the process of putting all of the parts away and will soon fire up the equipment to make sure everything works prior to production starting.

We are already starting to contribute to improvements in the existing line of kits. All future Kevlar shock cords will be switching to braided Kevlar rather than twisted and waxed. Tape strips for parachutes will also switch to unbreakable nylon rather than paper.

March 2015 has come in like a lion, equipment and network problems have be plaguing our start of parts production. Fortunately we are producing many needed parts. We have also been surprised by our landlord who has decided that the space eRockets and Semroc occupies would be more suited to other use. We are now in the process of finding another location to move to.

We now have most of the parts set up on line and are now available for sale:

Semroc Model Rocket Kits are now available at

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"Come Fly With Us."
6161 Rip Rap Rd Ste B, Dayton, OH 45424
(616) 460-2678 - FAX (630) 405-1744

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