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Mars Lander


Number 1243
K-Num K-43
Type Exotic
Recovery Parachute
Designer Wayne Kellner
Years Available 1969 - 1983
JimZ Plans Instructions
Ye Old Rocket Plans Not Available
Shasta Plans Not Available

Parts List
Item Quan Original
Part No.
Part No.
Description Add to Cart Notes
A 1 BT-100CE BT-100CE Body Tube

B 2 RT-99D RT-99D Internal Rings

C 1 BT-60FG BT-60FG Body Tube

D 1 BT-20DJ BT-20DJ Body Tube

E 1 BNC-60AL BNC-60AL Nose Cone Back
F 2 BFS-40 FV-54 Balsa Fin Set Back
Laser-cut replacement (1/8")
G 1 LL-2E LL-2E Launch Lug Back
H 4 LL-2A LL-2A Launch Lug

Control Cylinders
I 4 EB-20B EB-20B Engine Block

J 1 AR-2050 AR-2050 Centering Ring

K 1 EH-2 EH-28 Engine Hook

L 8 CSB-1 CSB-1 Shock Bands

M 1 WD-2 WD-112 Wood Dowel 1/12" x 12"

N 9 WD-1S WD-209 Wood Dowel 1/8" X 9" Back
O 4 BB-4 BB-4 4mm Bearings

P 4 PST-1A PST-1A Flexible Hinges

R 1 SE-1 SE-1 Screw Eye

S 1 TD-2F * Tape Discs
T 1 PK-18A CP-18Y Chute Pack 18"
U 1 SC-2MJ EC-236 Shock Cord

V 1 TA-43A,B,C CR-KV-54 Adapter Ring Set (3 cards) Back
W 1 EW-43A,B,C,D.E EW-KV-54 Wrap Set Back
X 1 KD-43 DKV-54 Decal Back

"Come Fly With Us."
Semroc Astronautics Corporation
Box 1271, Knightdale, NC 27545
(919) 266-1977 - FAX (919) 341-8652

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