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1. Starship Excalibur
2. Centurion-F
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Favorite Links

 JimZ Rocket Plans  Maintained by Jim Zalewski.  One of the largest repositories of many model rocket companies plans online.

Ninfinger Productions  Maintained by Sven Knudson.  One of the most complete sites for online vintage model rocket catalogs. Model Rocketry Magazine is also archived here.

Ye Olde Rocket Plans Maintained by Scott Hansen.  "Your One Stop BAR Shoppe!" This site has many of the old rocket plans from smaller manufacturers that are not on Jimz's site. It is much more than just plans though, it is one of the best sources of information for the returning BAR or new rocketeers.

BARCLONE Maintained by Craig McGraw and Scott Hansen.  The BARCLONE concept is to provide a repository for designs that others might enjoy building. BAR's helping BAR's...


JimZ Hobbies  Maintained by Jim Zalewski.  Waterslide decals (stock and custom), T-shirts, and parts.


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Centuri Cross Reference   Find Centuri equivalent parts at Semroc.

Flight Systems Cross Reference   Find F.S.I. equivalent parts at Semroc.

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